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Burdine's Lot

16 SE 2nd Street

Downtown Miami, Florida 33132

Represented: Seller

Sold Price: $46,000,000

Urban Core Division just sold the last massive site in Downtown Miami, 2 million square feet development!


This sale represents the voracious appetite for downtown assets. Eyes are focused on the Downtown market. Tech is migrating from all over the world. The demand for Downtown is being fueled, in part, by all the transformative projects that are just beginning to take shape in this area.


Urban Core Division facilitated a $46 million sale of the “Burdines” site, a 2.2 acre block at 16 SE 2nd st.

The 92,972 SF property was sold by a joint venture between New York-based Wharton Equity Partners and New York-based Cross Lake Partners.


The buyer was Miami-based investor Enrique Manhard. This site is one of the last significant undeveloped sites remaining in downtown Miami’s Central Business District and represents the voracious appetite for downtown assets.

Just Sold - Burdines Aerial.jpg
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